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Washington Family Law Deskbook (2nd ed. 2000 plus 2006 Supplement)

Washington Family Law Deskbook (2nd ed. 2000 plus 2006 Supplement) Price: $425.00
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This three-volume best-selling deskbook offers comprehensive treatment of every aspect of a family law case, from retainer agreements to the finality of decrees, with practice tips from leading practitioners, judges, and court commissioners. Now updated by the 2006 Supplement, which adds new chapters on access to court records, state pensions, and unbundled legal services and collaborative law.  This is the essential family law resource for Washington practitioners.

Published: September 2000; Supplement 2006
3 Volumes,
Estimated 2835 pages
Editor-In-Chief: Daniel J. Radin

WASHINGTON FAMILY LAW DESKBOOK (2nd ed. 2000 and Supp. 2006)


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I. Managing The Family Law Practice/Dealing With the Client and Parties

  • Psychological Aspects of Divorce - G. Andrew H. Benjamin, J.D., Ph.D, Molly Reid, Ph.D, Barbara Wood, Ph.D, Jackie K. Gollan, Ph.D
  • Retainer Agreements - John O. Burgess, Darla J. Goodwin
  • Attorney Fees - Christopher Shank; Patrice Johnston
  • Ethical Considerations for the Family Law Practitioner - Robert Gould
  • Malpractice - Robert Gould
  • Enhancing Civility and Maintaining Privacy for Your Clients - Llewelyn G. Pritchard

II. Marital and Non-Marital Relations

  • Prenuptial Contracts  - Hon. Faye C. Kennedy, Victor B. Flatt, Melissa O. White, James E. Breitenbucher, Peter S. Lineberger 
  • Marriage  - Hon. James Murphy, Patricia Novotny 
  • Separations: De Facto and Filing for Legal Separation  - Scott Horenstein, Peter J. Karademos, Wendy L. colton 
  • The Non-Marital Couple  - Nancy Hawkins 

III. Jurisdiction and Procedural Considerations

  • Divisible Divorce -- Jurisdiction, Venue, Commencement  - Prof. Helen T. Donigan; Hon. Kathleen M. O’Connor; Scott J. Horenstein
  • Indian Child Welfare  - Jennifer Strus, Lee Ann Miller, Barbara N. Wright, Sheila Malloy Huber
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act  - Andrekita Silva

IV. Preparing the Case and Temporary Motions

  • Use of Professionals in Family Law Litigation  - Camden M. Hall
  • Guardians Ad Litem and Court-Appointed Special Advocates  - Mark Iverson; Hon. Nancy Bradburn-Johnson
  • Discovery in Family Law Litigation  - Janet George, Shelby A. Hopkins
  • Access to Child Protective Services and Health Care Records  - Noella Rawlings
  • Pre-Trial Motions - David Law; Sarah Hunter, Janet M. Helson
  • Family Law Court Records  - J. Mark Weiss

V. Support

  • Maintenance  - Wendy Gelbart, W. James Kennedy
  • Child Support  - Daniel J. Radin, Clare Mancini

VI. Property

  • Identification of Property Interests  - Thomas G. Hamerlinck
  • Valuation of Property  - Thomas G.Hamerlinck
  • Disposition of Property and Liabilities  - Thomas G.Hamerlinck
  • Federal Pensions  - Paula Crane, Jerome C. Scowcroft
  • Military Pensions  - Charles Schmidt, Jr., Lieutenant Soloman Cape
  • Private Pension Plans and QDROs  - Devitt Barnett, Mary Beth Morton
  • Washington State Public Pensions  - Sarah Blocki, Anne Hall, Johnna Skyles Craig

VII. Other Financial Considerations

  • Tax  - Bea Nahon, CPA
  • Insurance Issues in Family Law  - Anne Meath, Lisa Wolfard
  • Debts  - Andrekita Silva
  • Family Law and Bankruptcy  - Mark Northrup, Richard S. Ralston, Gloria Z. Nagler
  • Domestic Relations Matters and the Impact on Public Benefits  - Amy Crewdson, Laurie C. Garber

VIII. Children

  • Custody Proceedings: Jurisdiction and Full Faith and Credit  - Prof. Helen T. Donigan
  • Parenting Plans  - Hon. Marlin Appelwick, Mary Wechsler
  • Child Abuse and Neglect  - Jennifer Strus, Noella A. Rawlings
  • Dependency and CHINS Proceedings in Juvenile Court  - Linda Wilgus, Cheryl Wolfe
  • Custodial Interference  - Eugene Oliver
  • Third-Party Custody and Visitation  - Mark T. Patterson, Sr., Mark T. Patterson II

IX. Resolving the Case Without Trial

  • Marital Agreements  - Don P. Desonier
  • Mediation  - John Kydd
  • Other Modes of Resolving Disputes  - Donnelly Wilburn, Rachel Felbeck
  • Unbundled Legal Services and Collaborative Law in the Family Law Arena  - Jennifer C. Rydberg, Don P. Desonier

 X. Creating New Family Relationships

  • Paternity  - Ralph Moldauer, Carol Bryant
  • Termination of Parental Rights  - Dennis Ichikawa & Mary Li
  • Adoption  - David Anderson
  • Guardianship  - Bruce Moen

 XI. Post-Decree, Enforcement, and Ancillary Considerations

  • Finality of Decrees  - Lynn Barker
  • Appeals  - Hon. Douglass A. North
  • Change of Name  - Daniel J. Radin
  • Use of the Contempt Power in Domestic Relations  - Kevin Callaghan
  • Post-Decree Transfers of Property and Enforcement  - Hon. Hollis C. Holman
  • Assets and Liabilities Not Disposed of by the Decree  - Paul Battan, Richard L. Bartholomew
  • Homesteads  - Martin Snodgrass

XII. Harmful Conduct

  • Domestic Violence  - Mary Hammerly
  • Torts and the Family  - Michael Green, Philip Clements, Rebecca Roe
  • Involuntary Commitment  - Gerald Smith, John Hertog
  • Juvenile Offenders  - Greg Hubbard, Todd L. Dowell, David S. Compton


  • Appendix A: Internet Resources For Family Law Practitioners  - Christopher J. Fox, Chris Currie
  • Appendix B: King County’s Unified Family Court  - Mary Coleman, Karen chapman


  • CHAPTER 2 RETAINER AGREEMENTS (1) Fee Agreement for Dissolution Cases (2) Retainer Agreement (Hourly Rate) (3) Family Law Fee Agreement
  • CHAPTER 6 ENHANCING CIVILITY AND MAINTAINING PRIVACY FOR YOUR CLIENTS (1) Order to Seal File or Document (2) Formal Proof Declaration
  • CHAPTER 9 PRENUPTIAL CONTRACTS (1) Prenuptial Contract — Client Information
  • CHAPTER 12 THE NON-MARITAL COUPLE (1) Complaint/Petition for Equitable Distribution and/or Dissolution of Meretricious Relationship (2) Petition for Dissolution of Meretricious Relationship (3) Domestic Partnership Agreement (4) Joint Tenancy Property Agreement
  • CHAPTER 16 INDIAN CHILD WELFARE (1) Notice to Indian Tribe, Band or Nation (2) Notice to Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • CHAPTER 17 SERVICEMEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT (1) Motion and Declaration for Default (2) Order of Default (3) Declaration RE: Servicememebers Civil Relief Act (Optional Use)
  • CHAPTER 20 USE OF PROFESSIONALS — EXPERTS AND CONSULTANTS (1) Engagement Letters (2) Expert Interrogatories and Requests for Production (3) Medical Release Form (4) Discovery Request Pursuant to Uniform Health Code Information Act
  • CHAPTER 21 GUARDIANS AD LITEM AND COURT-APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES (1) Sample GAL Report Re Paternity (2) Sample GAL Report Re Custody (3) Sample GAL Report Re Modification
  • CHAPTER 22 DISCOVERY IN FAMILY LAW LITIGATION (1) Combined First Set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production Under Civil Rules 33 & 34 and Certification by Attorney (2) Request for Production of Documents Under Civil Rule 34 (3) Motion for Issuance of Commission to Take Depositions Out of State (4) Order re Deposition to Take Testimony Out of State (5) Commission to Take Testimony Out of State (6) Notice of Taking Deposition Upon Written Questions Under Civil Rule 31 (7) Proposed Interrogatories on Taking of Deposition (8) Objections to Proposed Interrogatories on Taking of Deposition (9) Proposed Cross Interrogatories on Taking of Deposition (10) Deposition Upon Written Questions Under Civil Rule 31 (11) Motion for Order of Medical Examination Under Civil Rule 35 (12) Order Requiring Delivery of Report of Medical Examination (13) Request for Admission of Facts and of Genuineness of Documents Under Civil Rule 36 (14) Certificate of Compliance With Civil Rule 26(i)
  • CHAPTER 23 ACCESS TO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AND HEALTH CARE RECORDS (1) Consent for Release of Information (2) Consent for Release of Medical Information (3) Stipulation for Release of Health Care Records (4) Certificate of Records Custodian (5) Application for Order of Authorizing Disclosure of Records and Testimony Related to Substance Abuse (6) Memorandum of Authorities in Support (7) Findings and Order on Application for Disclosure of Records and Testimony Related to Substance Abuse (8) Order to Release Information and Order Restricting Access
  • CHAPTER 24 PRETRIAL MOTIONS PRACTICE (1) Motion for an Order Shortening Time (2) Order Shortening Time
  • CHAPTER 34 MILITARY PENSIONS (1) Application for Former Spouse Payments from Retired Pay (2) Sample Pension Provisions (3) Deemed Election Letter
  • CHAPTER 35 PRIVATE PENSION PLANS AND QDROs (1) PBGC Model Separate Interest QDRO (2) PBGC Model Shared Payment QDRO
  • CHAPTER 40 INSURANCE ISSUES IN FAMILY LAW (1) Qualified Medical Child Support Order
  • CHAPTER 47 PARENTING PLANS (1) Sample Optional Parenting Plan Language
  • CHAPTER 49 DEPENDENCY AND CHINS PROCEEDINGS IN JUVENILE COURT (1) Agreed Order of Dependency (2) Dispositional Order (3) Pretrial Conference Statement of Evidence
  • CHAPTER 50 CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE (1) Order to Issue Writ of Habeas Corpus (2) Warrant in Aid of Writ of Habeas Corpus (3) Writ of Habeas Corpus (4) Order on Return of Writ of Habeas Corpus
  • CHAPTER 55 MEDIATION (1) Sample Mediation Agreement
  • CHAPTER 56 OTHER MODES OF RESOLVING DISPUTES (1) Use of Statutory Arbitration
  • CHAPTER 57 UNBUNDLED LEGAL SERVICES AND COLLABORATIVE LAW IN THE FAMILY LAW ARENA (1) Client Information Sheet (2) Pro Se Assistance — What It Really Means (3) Caption Form for Pleadings (4) Memo to Client at Beginning of Dissolution (5) Form of Subpoena (6) Motion, Declaration, and Order Directing Issuance of Subpoena (7) Memo Explaining How to Process Subpoena Duces Tecum (8) Memo to Client Explaining Motion for Temporary Order (9) Cover Letter for Service of Motion for Temporary Order (10) Notice of Limited Appearance (11) Notice of Completion of Limited Appearance (l2) Combined Notice of Limited Appearance and Notice of Completion (13) Memo Regarding Conflict of Interest (14) Waiver of Discovery re Dissolution Action (15) Memo to Clients About Ending the Dissolution
  • CHAPTER 60 ADOPTION (1) Petitioners’ Sworn Statement (2) Consent to Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption and Waiver of Right to Receive Notice of All Proceedings (3) Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem at Public Expense (RCW 26.33.070) (4) Petition for Relinquishment of Child of All Proceedings (5) Declaration and Consent to Assume Custody (6) Newborn Medical (7) Natural Mother Medical (8) Order Terminating Parent-Child Relationship of Mother and Granting Temporary Custody of Child (9) Petition for Termination of Parent-Child Relationship (10) Summons and Notice by Publication of Petition/Hearing re Relinquishment of Parent-Child Relationship (11) Certification by Natural Mother re Father Relationship (12) Order of Service by Publication and Setting Hearing Date on Petition (13) Motion and Declaration for Order Terminating Parent-Child Relationship by Default (14) Order Terminating Parent-Child Relationship of Father by Default (15) Petition for Adoption (16) Motion, Declaration, and Order Directing Filing of Post-Placement Report (17) Note for Adoption Calendar (18) Decree of Adoption (19) Interstate Compact Placement Request (20) Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
  • CHAPTER 67 USE OF CONTEMPT POWER IN DOMESTIC RELATIONS (1) Motion and Declaration for Order to Show Cause re Contempt/Judgment (2) Order to Show Cause re Contempt/Judgment (3) Order on Show Cause re Contempt/Judgment
  • APPENDIX B: THE KING COUNTY BENCH/BAR UNIFIED FAMILY COURT PROJECT (1) Unified Family Court Referral Form (2) Order on Unified Family Court Planning Conference (3) Order re Sealing File, Access to Files, and Notice of Motions


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